Friday, May 30, 2008

American talkshow idiots, must see

I have been arguing for a while now that there is a serious problem in the US with eccentric political talk show hosts on TV and radio that simply don't know their stuff. They do however have access to huge audiences. In fact many of these lazy minded political commentators appear only to have one agenda which is creating controversy in order to improve ratings. Unfortunately many of these mad men and women, the most prominent of whom are pro Bush pro war people usually succeed. The worst offenders are Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh. However occasionally they get exposed and when it happens it is truly beautiful. Watch below as radio talk show host Kevin James gets made a monkey of by MSNBC's Chris Matthews. Enjoy.


mrterry said...

what did he do?

Ted Leddy said...

well Mr T

The conservative American media always attempt to brand anyone that suggests reaching out to the Iranians or the North koreans or Cubans as an appeaser in the same way that Brittish Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin appeased Hitler at the 1938 Munich conference by taking him at his word that Czechislovakia was the height of his territorial ambitions in Europe. In the current US presidential campaign Barack Obama sais he would open up dialogue with the above mentioned enemies. The right wing media are slating him as a result. However Chris Matthews brilliantly points out in this interview that appeasement is not talking to your enemies as Obama suggests but giving in to your enemies as Chamberline did. To confuse the two is crazy talk !

mrterry said...

Why are you shouting Ted?

Confucius said...

God help his better half when he gets back home to her!

Ted Leddy said...

Mr T

Sorry man, just getting carried away a wee bit, just like that cartoon character Kevin James.


Kevin James may appear to be a comical figure and I would love to dismiss him as such. However the many commentators like him contribute significantly to how US public opinion is formed. It was ultimately people like him that successfully sold the Iraq war to the American public. Thats where the blogosphere comes in to counter these types. As for his other half, God bless her !