Monday, May 12, 2008

Natural disasters fulfill Christian Zionist doctrine

Last weeks Cyclone in Burma which claimed at least 32,000 lives coupled with today's catastrophic news from china where an earthquake has killed 10,000, a number certain to soar dramatically, will undoubtedly be met with excitement among the Christian Zionist community.

Based primarily in the United states Christian Zionists have a very particular interpretation of the old testament. They have been maintaining for years that a sequence of events is in motion which will lead to the eventual second coming of Christ. I understand these events to include the return of the Jews to all their ancient land, an increase in natural disaster's as the moment draws near, a global war and the eventual mass conversion of Jews to Christianity. After this we all get saved.

I would love to say that these people are on the fringes, but unfortunately this is not so. Led by cartoon characters such as Pat Robertson and John Hagee (pictured and also John McCains new best friend)they have been very influential around Washington in recent times. A very powerful lobby group they have contributed significantly to the white houses hardened stance on Iran and in particular Israel. I would not so much say that they are fanatic supporters of the Jewish state so much as they are fanatic about seeing biblical prophecies come true. Their primary agenda is to see all the land between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean returned to the Jewish people as this is the number one criteria that will hasten the second coming. To this end they are fiercely opposed to the US, EU, UN or any other body putting pressure on Israel to compromise over Jerusalem and indeed the whole west bank. As for the Palestinian refugees, well there is nothing about them in the bible.

In the opinion of Gubu World, it is a bad reflection on American that nobody in the political mainstream or in the media appears willing to confront these crazies. It is truly Grotesque Unbelieveable Bizare and Unprecedented that at such a crucial time in US history such people are allowed to have a genuine influence over US foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

Is John Hagee the guy who said gays caused September 11th

Ted Leddy said...

Possibly, but I think that comment is more associated with the late Jerry Falwell