Monday, June 30, 2008

Tommy Tiernan on Israel

As we all know Israel has an image problem. People associate the country with war and violence and to many there appears to be an inexplicable Israeli defiance where they refuse to accept any form of criticism claiming that it is almost always unfair and often motivate by bigotry. Watch below as Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan makes fun of the Israelis in a rather crass but hilarious way.

I often put it to conservative Israelis over the blogosphere that Israel's image problem is their own fault. Not necessarily for their actions but for their refusal to come out openly and debate their cause. Israelis have become so bitter and introverted in recent times that the often don't even bother to respond to criticism. This leads to ignorance, division and hatred.

If you look at the Israeli Palestinian conflict from someone like Tommy Tiernan's point of view there are a few undeniable truths that Israel must face up to.
1. Palestinian fatalities in the conflict outnumber Israeli by about 20 to 1.
2. The Israeli Defence Force is emphatically more powerful that all the Palestinian forces combined.
3. Israel is a wealthy first world country. Palestine is extremely poor.
4. Palestine is occupied by Israel.

All the above are facts and are not open to interpretation. The vast majority of neutral observers of the conflict are naturally going to side with the Palestinians given the above realities. Israel has to realise this and attempt to educate the world that Israel is in an extremely difficult situation and that it does have a legitimate cause. They will not convert neutrals to the Zionist cause but they may convince people of the need to actually support both sides when appropriate. Demonizing one side while ignoring the failures of the other, which seems common in this country will achieve nothing.

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