Friday, June 27, 2008

The world's most evil man

LRA Leader Joseph Kony

No its not Iran's Ahmadinejad, nor is it North korea's Kim Il Jong. In my opinion non of the following collection of tyrants such as Bashar Al Assad (Syria), Omar Al Bashir (Sudan), Colonel Ghadaffi (Lybia) and Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) can hold a candle to this man. I am referring to Joseph Kony, the leader of the Ugandan rebel group the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). Joseph Kony is in my opinion the most evil person on the planet. How do you determine most evil. It is difficult. I do not believe it boils down to most killed. You have to look at objective, ideology, power and most of all capacity for cruelty. Joseph Kony Gets ten out of ten for capacity for cruelty and for evil ideology. He does not score so high on power and numbers killed but that is only because of where he operates. I have no doubt that if he were a player on the global stage he could give Hitler or Stalin a run for their money. So who is Joseph Kony and what are the LRA and why does kony merit the title I have given him.

Joseph Kony has been leading an insurgency in northern Uganda by the Alcholi tribes people against the the government of Yoweri Museveni in Kampala for two decades now. His stated objective is to install a strict christian state based on the rules of the ten commandments. In order to achieve this objective he has gone on a horrific campaign of mass child kidnappings all across northern and central Uganda to create a child army that will be fanatically loyal to him. It is estimated that he has 20,000 child fighters under his command. In many cases these children, some as young as eight are trained to become ruthless murderers often beginning with their parents who they are forced to kill. The female children are usually taken as sex slaves for the older soldiers. The child soldiers are indoctrinated with dogma from Kony about how they are doing the lords work. They are told that once blessed by Kony they will be invulnerable to bullets. Once indoctrinated these children commit horrific atrocities often against their home villages. As we know, war is about as awful as it gets. But the deliberate use of children on such a large scale is outrageous beyond belief and goes against everything that humananity stands for.

After many years of indifference the world appears to be taking notice of Kony. In 2005 he was indicted by the International Criminal Court on crimes against humanity. The LRA have been placed on the infamous list of terrorist organisations at the US state department and major international pressure is being put on the Ugandan government to finally deal with Kony. In addition the UN is putting pressure on neighboring countries in the notorious great lakes region to prevent them from interfering in the conflict and possibly supporting Kony out of some dislike for the Ugandan government.

For many years Joseph Kony was almost a mythical figure. Many question if he even existed. In recent times however he has made a few public appearance in bizarre attempts at engaging in pr and improving the LRA's image. Watch below as he gives a press conference for some western journalists.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, this man is disgusting....How can they not stop him (considering western journalists can find him!!!)?

Ted Leddy said...

You raise the perfect point. Some people believe because of the remote location of his stronghold that a military victory against the LRA is impossible and that he must be recognised as the leading authority in Northern Uganda.

Also the ICC does not have an army therefor the reponsability to capture a wanted war criminal lies with the authorities of the state where he/she is resident. The Ugandan army has been unable to catch Kony.

I have no doubt that an elite force of British French or US troops could infilitrate the area and capture or kill Kony with relative ease, as could the Irish rangers for that matter. Unfortunately the will is not there.

It is a real shame because this is an instance where a single bullet could in fact end the war as many of his followers believe in his divinity and that he is imune to gunfire. Dispelling that belief wold shatter the insurgency.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, if I was the president of America, I would say to screw the laws, screw the Ugandan army, this man needs to die and needs to die now for his past crimes.

Colonel Ghaddafi said...

This man is very bad, almost worse than me, but worse all the same.