Monday, July 28, 2008

Anti Semitism in Ireland, Part 2

Following on from my pledge to expose anti semitism in Ireland I now have another unfortunate example. In my last post on the matter I attempted to exposed left wing anti semitism. Here is an example of it coming from the right. Below is a video made by a young Irishman who is upset at the increasing levels of immigration into Ireland. The video is entitled Who's behind the immigration / multicult industry in Ireland Lets see who he blames.

So why is this classic racism toward Jews. Dr Ronit Lentin is a well know academic in Trinity College Dublin that regularly commentates on integration issues. She has also campaigned for multiculturalism throughout Ireland and lobbied the government for a proper integration system. She is also Jewish. There are those that believe that you can blame just about everything that goes wrong in the world on the Jews. Such people believe in particular that the Jews are directly or indirectly behind societies ills, such as unemployment, crime and decadence. The Nazis believed this, Islamic extremists believe it and many conspiracy theorists believe it. In this case the Creator of the above video believes that Jewish intellect is behind the erosion of Irish culture and the immigration policy that will result in the Irish being a minority on their own island. Classic Jew hatred.

This guy is a fool. Not only are his assertions about immigration completely inaccurate (which is another argument) but his attempts to invent a link between what he perceives as societies ills and Jewish influence are totally outrageous. But just for a moment lets look at this from his level. So a prominent academic that is pro immigration is also Jewish. Is this supposed to prove something about "the Jewish agenda". Jews do often hold positions of influence but to imply that there is a collective and sinister agenda is pure fiction. From an early age the importance of knowledge and education is emphasised among Jewry. As a result they often succeed in business and academia. This is nothing to apologise for. It is in fact something they should be admired for. The traditional Irish education system was only capable of producing priests and civil servants. If it had of been more like the standard Jewish education we might not have had so much emigration ourselves. Oh the Irony.

However while on the subject of irony I can't help point out that right wing Israelis would love this guys other videos that are about radial Muslims taking over Europe, something they have been raving about for years. How uncomfortable it must make Benjamin Netanyahu and others to know they share a viewpoint with Neo Nazis when it comes to the issues of Europe's Muslims. Oh what a Gubu World we live in.

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