Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem

Earlier this morning a very disturbing incident occurred in Jerusalem. An Arab/Israeli (in other words a Palestinian living within the state of Israel) construction worker went on the rampage in his bulldozer killing three Israeli civilians and wounding thirty. He crushed cars and tipped over a bus before being shot dead by it appears an armed civilian. Watch the end of the incident below but be warned the images are quite graphic.

The Palestinian man was a blue card holder which meant he had permission to enter Jewish West Jerusalem from from Arab East. Only individuals that are considered low security are permitted to do this. There are those in Israel believe that Arabs will always want to kill Jews. This is incident will strengthen this conviction. Since the erection of the infamous west bank wall suicide bombings have stopped completely. However according to military logic when your enemy puts up one barrier you immediately begin looking for another way to penetrate. This is the second attack recently involving an Arab Israeli. In March eight students were murdered in an attack at a west Jerusalem school. Many Arab Israelis have several restrictions placed on them such as movement to and from the west bank and gun ownership. Now I have no doubt people will be saying that you cannot even trust them with heavy machinery. Today's incident is a very troubling development.


eoghan said...

Thats a hard video to watch. Are they now gonna have to expel all the rest of the blue card holders? E.L.

Ted Leddy said...

Its not pretty alright. Its not a matter of expelling blue card holders, but they will deny more Arabs living in East Jerusalem of this card therfor denying them access to the Jewish western part of the city. What it utimately means is that Israelis would have to do more menial jobs and stop relying on cheap Palestinian labour. This would be the consequences of ending the blue card system.

Even if the Israelis were willing to do this it creates another problem by createing an enclosed Palestinian area in east jerusalem that would be boxed in from everywhere else. If the Arabs of east Jerusalem were denied access to the rest of the city they would virtually be imprisioned as they cannot enter the west bank either as they are on the Israeli side of the wall. It would be like another Gaza, which is already described by many as the world's biggest prison.