Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Iraq War Footage

Below is a series of clips showing real footage of the Iraq war. Some of it, even if it is of fairly routine events, is frightening, some of it is shocking. But its all real. Anybody who had any illusion about war and its brutality should keep in mind that this barely scratches the surface.

A mortar landing just in front of a Humvee

Watch the shock waves from a series of IED explosions detonated by US troops, very loud

Sniper takes a shot at US position

Watch this massive IED explosion taking out vehicles in a US convoy

Very disturbing footage of an Iraqi fighter being gunned down

These videos are very unpleasant. The last one in particular shows the horror of war. It also reminds me how no war movie, not even Saving Private Ryan has ever come close to capturing what war is really like. You can see how in this video the man is dead as soon as the bullet touches his head and it is a totally lifeless body that falls. In the movies the body that falls is a living one whose muscles are still tensed. Not the case with this poor soul. What is your opinion of all the above.


John Mc said...

Love the Videos Ted. Some Harsh Stuff. Some great interesting stuff up there. Keep up the good work.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks John

Feel free to drop in any time


Aido-Man said...

Big time harsh videos.
Americans should stay at home and watch TV. They are good at that. But they are also good at invading ad failing to fully conquer countries.

Ted Leddy said...

Aido man

I hear ya dude. But in the interests of attracting more American viewers to this blog I must condemn your portrayal of the negative American stereotype of gun toting bible bashing couch potatoes. Oops, I think I've gone further than you.

HotDog said...

An interesting and varied collection of videos there Mr. Leddy. It looks as though the war in Iraq has long ago turned into a dirty, bloody and expensive guerilla-war.

I wonder what governments would kill for in a world where nobody needed Abrahamic Religions or Oil?


Ted Leddy said...

Your description of the Iraq war is entirely accurate Hot Dog.

As for religion and oil. Maybe but there were wars being fought over land long before organised religion existed or the world knew what oil was.