Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in Berlin

Watch a clip from Barack Obama's speech in Berlin earlier today

Part Two, Obama discusses the walls that exist between America and Europe

He didn't speak at the Brandenburg gate. It was thought by some in influential circles in Germany that it would be inappropriate for Obama to attempt to replicate the famous speeches of Kennedy and Reagan by speaking at the world landmark when he's not even President. This honor is reserved for heads of state which he is not. He instead spoke at the victory column in Tiergarten Park.

I think some Europeans may have been disappointed with the speech as it hit home that Obama is not the messiah that they thought. If President he will still safeguard American interests at all costs and that's the bottom line. However I think he does articulately describe how Americans and Europeans often have a negative yet inaccurate opinion of each other. He then goes on to talk about "global citizenship" and how no global issue can be tackled alone, a clear reference to President Bush's unilateral foreign policy which is so detested in Europe. Other than that I think the speech was quite banal really. Obama's principal objective was to appear more presidential. He definitely succeeded in doing this.

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