Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Serb Nationalism Fading

A mere 10,000 people gathered in central Belgrade today for a protest against the arrest of wanted war criminal Radovan Karadzic

I couldn't help notice the small turn out at yesterdays protest in Belgrade. This coming from the the Serb's, the most nationalist people in Europe. When you think of how they rallied behind Slobadon Milosevich during all those tragic years and how many stood by him when he was in Den Hague. It was only five months ago that hundreds of thousands of Serbs protested, some violently, against Kosovo's independence. There was some violence yesterday but it was minimal. I believe we are seeing the end of militant Serbian nationalism just as we've seen it elsewhere throughout the continent.

The decline of ultra nationalism in Serbia is of course a good thing. All it ever did for the Balkans was tear it apart. I for one am glad to see that Serbia appears to be slowly abandoning its ethnocentric view of Europe just as all other nations have. I hope it leads to eventual EU membership for Belgrade. The EU helped heal the wounds of two world wars in Europe but it did have the healing power of time working with it. If it could bring the nations of the Balkans together a mere two decades since the slaughter, what a spectacular example this would be of the EU bringing peace and stability to another part of Europe.

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