Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clintons bring down the house

In separate speeches at the DNC in Denver both Bill and Hillary Clinton have for the first time aggressively and enthusiastically thrown their weight behind Barack Obama. This convention just got interesting. The speeches by the Clinton's have eclipsed all others including impressive efforts by John Kerry and even Joe Biden. Late on Tuesday night Hillary went first. At first it appeared standard enough as she spoke about how she would support Obama. But then she drove it home about how it would be a mistake for her supporters to go over to McCain. She listed a litany of McCain errors that were in direct contrast to her efforts to achieve social justice and women's rights and praised Obama for his successes in this area.Watch this clip where she urges those who voted for her in the primary to get behind Obama.

Last night it was big bad Bill's turn. In my opinion Bill Clinton is the most skillful politician of modern times. However during the long fought democratic primary he appeared out of sorts and sometimes uncharacteristically clumsy. I suppose this is understandable given his bizarre position as a popular two term former president and therefor democratic trump card but also a husband of a primary candidate. Some said he was a liability for Hillary. Would he now be the same for Obama. After last the nights speech the answer is clear. Bill Clinton remains an ace card for the democrats. If they get him out there and he makes more speeches like last nights it will prove a major boost for Obama. Perhaps with the constraints of being the spouse of a candidate now lifted, we will see him do his thing. Watch a clip below from back to his best Bill Clinton as he slates the Republicans.

And now watch as he praises Obama and his vision.

Tonight its Obama's turn. It will be fascinating. Its gonna be difficult to follow Kennedy, Carter, his wife, Kerry, Biden and the Clintons. I am hoping for something new. Something really substantial and not just more about "change" because to tell the truth in recent weeks I have been beginning to doubt if there is real substance behind the charisma. I eagerly await his speech at 3 am tonight. I predict vodka red bull may be needed.

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