Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention gets underway

Ted Kennedy addressing the DNC last night

The Democratic National convention got underway in Denver Colorado last night. I am going to put aside for a moment the fact that I found it disturbingly crass and staged and discuss it as if I found it to be dignified. Late last night we heard speeches from democratic big shots Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. However they represent the party of old so its not surprising they got them out of the way first. Obama's vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden did not speak yet but he was present for all the speeches and the TV cameras couldn't take their eyes off him. We saw Caroline Kennedy and perhaps the highlight, Michelle Obama. Earlier on in the campaign I found her to be fascinating. She spoke in such an ordinary yet powerful way. She truly seemed to be from a different mold than the vain political celebrities that look more like they belong in Hollywood. She spoke so normally and honestly that it soon became clear she was a liability in the world of choreographed politics. Some innocent remarks that would not have been noticed if she were the wife of an Irish politician proved explosive in the states, most notably when she said that for "the first time in her life she was really proud of her country". This game of gotchya scared her back into line and since then her speeches have been boring. Therefor she last night resorted to the standard speech of highlighting her and her husband's unconventional background. The one point of note was her significant praise for Hillary Clinton.

Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden at the convention yesterday

Today we will hear from Hillary Clinton in what some say will be the most pivotal moment of the convention. It is the biggest worry of the democratic party. Will Hillary Clinton's supporters vote for Obama or will they change party allegiances due to the bitterness of the primary campaign. We will see tonight how passionately Hillary embraces the Obama/Biden ticket and how aggressively see is willing to campaign for them. I will blog about this as it happens.

We have seen some drama of another kind outside the convention. The best of which was the humorous sight of a fox news reporter getting chased by a group radical anti war protesters who were clearly attempting to recreate the atmosphere of the infamous 68 democratic convention in Chicago. Watch this funny clip of the incident from fox news, enjoy.

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