Thursday, August 21, 2008

Georgia, The Kosovo Connection

Since the conflict broke out in the Caucasus on August 7th many commentators have mentioned Kosovo and how it all began there. But Kosovo is located in the Balkans, as one commenter recently pointed out on Gubu-World, so whats the connection? Serbia or the former Yugoslavia has always been a pro Russian country. Moscow was always against further splintering in the Balkans and in particular they always backed Belgrade's claim that Kosovo is part of Serbia and that its claims of independence should not be recognised by the international community. So in the ongoing battle between Moscow and Washington for influence in Georgia, Russian support for South Ossettia is seen as a way of countering western support of Kosovo. Furthermore if you look at the basic events of what happened in the last two weeks, Russia invaded Georgia because Tbilisi was using brutal force to crush a separatist movement in a breakaway region. Is this not precisely what Nato did in 1999 when the Serbs stormed into Kosovo. Double standards in international affairs, no way!

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