Friday, August 1, 2008

Gubu tries something new

I am a relative new comer to the blogosphere. I am learning as I go. One thing I have realised is that keeping the blog fresh with daily posts is a challenge. I have averaged at 18 posts per month since Gubu World was born back in May. I want to increase this average to about thirty. In order to do this I am expanding the topics of my posts to include 20th century history and politics. Most of my posts will still be about Middle Eastern politics, the US election and Ireland in International affairs. However from now on whenever I'm short of news and opinion I will do a piece on World War Two perhaps, or maybe something on the cold war. In all cases you will see the connection between my GUBU way of looking at world politics and the historical or political event I decide to blog about. We'll see how it goes.


HotDog said...

Sounds great Ted. You should do something on WW2 in Ireland.

Ted Leddy said...

cheers Hot Dog

Will do

DT said...

How about a post on how a world war two map got us out of a bit of a pickle en route to Paris one day in 2004?

Anonymous said...

I think the Cold War is fascinating. Do we really know how close the world came to nuclear war?

Ted Leddy said...


That map got us there didn't it


Good question, might do something on it in the future. As far as I know the USSR and the USA came to the brink of nuclear war twice. In 1952 during the Korean war and again in 1962 during the Cuban Missile crisis.