Sunday, August 10, 2008

Long list of Russian aggression

Forget communism, forget the cold war and the war on terror. Russia has always tried to dominate its smaller neighbours and at times they have been prepared to use exceptional brutality to achieve this aim. Here is a short list from recent times.

The result of the Russian bombing of the Georgian town of Gori, just another in a long list of Russian effort to dominate its neighbours

1. In 1953 the Red Army was deployed on the streets of East Berlin to quell an uprising by German citizens.

2. In 1956 the Red Army launched an all out invasion of Hungary after an uprising in Budapest by Hungarian nationalists. Tens of thousands of Hungarians were murdered in the streets.

3. In 1968 Soviet forces invaded Czechoslovakia after the communist government in Prague decided to allow free an fair elections. Fearful of a democratic government emerging in Eastern Europe the Kremlin ordered the movement known as "Prague Spring" to be crushed.

4. In 1978 the Red Army invaded Afghanistan to prop up a communist government that was in danger of collapsing. The effort led to a brutal ten year guerrilla war which the Soviets eventually lost.

5. In 1990 Russian troops were deployed throughout the Baltic states to curb nationalist stirrings in Latvia Lithuania and Estonia. Scores were killed.

6. In 2008 Russian troops invade South Ossetia, a province of Georgia in order to "protect" ethnic Russians.

I accept this is an exceptionally complicated issue. I will post about it less passionately in the near future where I will try to get down to the finer points to find out what this tragedy is really about.

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