Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paris Hilton Ad

Paris Hilton gets political

Last week John McCain launched an ad where he mocked Barack Obama and his popularity comparing him to a celebrity like Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton. This fits in with a consistent pattern of McCain's where he regularly portrays Obama as a fashionable and eloquent candidate but one who lacks the ability to lead. Watch the original McCain ad below.

Surprisingly though, Paris did not take it lying down if you pardon the pun. Instead she launched her own ad slagging off john McCain for using her in his ad. Watch the ad below.

In my opinion this election campaign is in danger of taking a crass turn. I was hoping for a new and exciting campaign where both candidates really get to grips with some of the worlds most controversial issues. I want to see the American left and right go at each other over Americas role in the world. What I have seen so far is both sides trying to win a popularity contest. McCain the guy you could have a beer with versus Obama the swanky smooth talker. Where are the great debates. Its beginning to bore me. I sincerely hope it improves.


Anonymous said...

Ted the race for the white house in this day and age is heavily geared towards a popularity contest. The contest is for the middle ground, the undecided and the swing voters. In the day if popular media and the internet one has to be plastered all over bloggs and websites not to mention the mainstream media to appeal to what they basically treat as consumers. If you look at CNN, FOX and MSNBC and their affiliated "business" stations you will notice they are perfect moving bill boards for candidates with their ticker news reals and flashy colours, a clever sound bit that appeals to the neutral can be deadly for a candidate. Americans are not interested in their place in the world. I know a comment like this disappoints you because you have made your stance on this clear in prior posting, i.e American are not as dumb as we may believe, but they want an American leader for Americans. The voters want a strong leader to defend a nation and someone who can keep their jobs safe. Their position in the world is simple to them, they are at the head of the table and anyone who wants to sit down or stand up must ask first. The vote is a contest of popularity with the small but ultimately decisive group, the blue and red voters made their minds up before a campaign had begun, regardless of race, gender, backround or age. As long as their respective candidates dont say/do anything to offend their ideals their vote is safe. An interesting topic for your blog might be the power the lobby groups have over the candidates... Come elaction time they seem to be the forces driving the Presidential parties policies....

Ted Leddy said...

I accept your point Colin

However I remain disappointed that the debate to date has generally been lame