Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Who ?

Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin

Where did this come from ? The US election has just taken another twist with the announcement by John McCain of Sarah Palin as his presidential running mate. I must admit I thought I knew most of the players in US politics but I have never heard of this lady. But on closer inspection the decision to pick Sarah Palin makes sense. She is the Governor of Alaska. She is a 44 year old mother of five. A religious conservative, a member of the NRA, an anti abortion activist and a former beauty queen. She is exactly what John McCain is not, a sexy republican. However the truth is she has been picked for one reason. To take some of those eighteen million Hillary Clinton voters away from the democratic party. What a way to take away the momentum from the democrats after their convention high. All those middle aged white women, excited at the prospect of a woman in the white house will now find it very tempting to vote McCain/Palin. All the work of the Clinton's and others over the past week to unite the democratic party may have just been undone by a masterstroke by those evil geniuses in the Republican party.


WorldbyStorm said...

A 'sexy Republican' no less? Well, she certainly is different to the present VP. That's for sure.

Ted Leddy said...

Word of mouth

We definitely have to give her that. I was beginning to worry that whole election was becoming a bit monotonous. This will spice things up a bit.