Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andrew Sullivan on Palin

It would appear that the euphoria surrounding Sarah Palin's nomination as John McCain's running mate is slowly grinding to a halt. Leading the charge in exposing this is blogger and commentator Andrew Sullivan (pictured). Sullivan is openly supporting Obama in the election but he is a man who commands respect among conservatives. He is not simply a lefty. He backed Bush in 2000. He is a fiscal conservative and has often defended the religious right. But on Palin he hasn't just criticised her nomination, he has ridiculed it as one of the most absurd things to ever happen in American politics.

Sullivan rightly in my opinion points out that this is the most political appointment of a VP candidate ever and that this decision has been taken at the genuine risk of the country. Sarah Palin is no doubt a person who can bring in votes for the republicans, however she is completely unprepared for the office. Sullivan has been exposing the fact than McCain only met Palin once before he chose her as his running mate. He chose her knowing she has no foreign policy experience. This foolish choice alone disqualifies McCain as a viable President according to Sullivan. The fact that he would put someone so utterly unqualified within a heartbeat of the presidency shows he is willing to to put the country second to getting elected. Check out Sullivan's daily dish below for more on Palin's inexperience.


Confucius said...

Is it just me or does Sarah Palin resemble Tony Soprano's shrink somewhat?

Specifically in the post from Saturday, September 13, 2008 "The Palin Doctrine, avoid the question."

Ted Leddy said...

Good observation

I have no doubt that Lorraine Bracco (AKA Dr Melfi) would probably play Sarah Palin in the "really bad disney movie", as Matt Damon put it, about the hockey mom who becomes President.

Anonymous said...

Confucius have you no worthwhile comments to make. We're talking about the world here man... the world...

Ted Leddy said...


Back off Anonymous !
Confucius is a buddy of mine. He may be a douche bag but he's my douche bag.