Thursday, September 4, 2008

Broken Watergate

Its times like this I'm glad I'm not an American. American politics is simply filthy. Whether its conservative Fox News or Liberal MSNBC there is nothing the mainstream media love more than character assassination. In 2004 John Kerry was the victim with the repulsive swift boat campaign. In 2008 everyone is getting it from somewhere most notably Sarah Palin. It has been dubbed by some in the media as "Broken Watergate" which I have to admit is comic genius. I am of course referring to the story of Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter who is pregnant by some local self confessed "redneck". From an Irish and a European point of view how bizarre is this. It just doesn't happen like this over here. But in the US these personal attacks are the norm. We know from history that these negative attacks work. I support Obama but I mean really, some people will now decide not to vote for McCain on the basis that his VP's teenage daughter is pregnant which somehow indicates that McCain is weak on family values. In a comical attempt to counter this clam Levi Johnson, the poor young lad who couldn't figure out how to use a condom has been brought in front of the world's press and paraded at the RNC as Bristol Palin's fiancee, as if this anything other that a case of two teenagers letting their hormones get the better of them.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston at the Republican convention last night

When John McCain shocked the world by introducing Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate it appeared to be a mastesroke. As one Irish commentator noted, She is so perfect it was like she was created in a republican laboratory. Some questioned this and said she was too good to be true. They may have been right. With all the attention on Broken Watergate and other incidents many are questioning whether mcCain and the republicans properly vetted Sarah Palin. Apparently McCain only met her once before last week. Its definitely a gamble. She may as intended steel the conservative democratic vote but it may backfire. How many more scandals are there out there. Back in 1996 Palin was closely involved with a separatist Alaskan political party. Might this come back to bight her. We will see.

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