Friday, September 5, 2008

Gotta love those Republicans

God bless the daily show. Jon Stewart, Americas best political comedian lets rip on the hypocrisy of the republicans and the Conservative media in a way that only he can. Watch as Stewart makes a fool of the right by exposing the truly unbelievable contradictions they are prepared to make in order to score a cheap political point. Listen to the wise words of Bill O'Reilly on teenage pregnancies, Karl Rove on inexperienced candidates and Dick Morris on sexism. Incidentally we should give credit to the yanks. Political satire in the states is at an all time high. It has now surpassed that in Britain in terms of quality. I don't know where all the great British comedians have gone but the likes of Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are holding the fort for those who love but are cynical about politics.

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