Monday, September 29, 2008

Too Close to Call

Due to my hectic social life I only managed to see Friday's Presidential debate today. The first of three it took place at the University of Mississippi and it was chaired by Jim Lehrer of PBS. Because of the GUBU times that we live in I thought that foreign policy would have been the dominant issue in this election. However with the financial crisis worsening by the hour it looks like this will overshadow all other topics. This was certainly the case at Friday's debate. This will probably help Obama as Foreign Policy is seen as McCain's strength and the economy as his weakness although Obama will regret not having more of an opportunity to hammer McCain at the debates for his support of the worst foreign policy administration in living memory.

I am not sure who came out on top in this one. It was probably even. What ye think ? Frankly I think we all know where these two men stand on all the various issues and the next two debates are likely to be similar stalemates. It may even turn out that the vice presidential debates turn out to be more influential on the electorate. Regarding McCain and Obama I think what we have to look out for is gaffes, blunders, howlers, foot in mouth syndrome of which McCain is more likely to fall victim to. We have seen this in previous debates. The most famous of which is probably President Ford's debate with Jimmy Carter where he clumsily claimed that Eastern Europe was not under Soviet domination. On reflection most of us no what poor Gerry was trying to say but it is widely believed to have caused him the election. This election could be so close that it literally could come down to the slightest slip of the tongue. I anxiously await debates 2 and 3.

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