Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden Debates Palin

In a couple of hours time Joe Biden and Sarah Palin will go head to head in the only vice presidential debate. I am not going to wait up to watch it because, I'm just not. However I eagerly await the repeat on RTE news tomorrow morning. It should be fascinating. Usually the Vice Presidential debate, in fact their entire campaigns have little effect on the overall ticket. However this year it is different. The controversial pick of the particularly inexperienced Palin has led to a media scrutinizing of the Alaska Governor. If she messes up this debate as she has several TV interviews it could be a serious blow for the McCain campaign. Unless I and most commentators out there have seriously underestimated Palin I expect Biden to run away with it. Here is a taste of what we can expect. Watch how Palin and Biden respond to the same question from CBS's Katie Couric about Roe V Wade, the most controversial law in America that legalises abortion. Who do you think answers more convincingly ?

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