Friday, October 3, 2008

Both Fail to Land Knockout Blow

Have you ever noticed in sport how in the run up to a long awaited match expectations are dashed when the game turns out to be a dull draw. Well that's how I would describe the Palin Biden debate in the wee hours of this morning. Both were cautious and both, particularly Biden did not put the boot in. Perhaps out of fear both candidates danced around the ring and failed to land a knock out blow. Likewise, everybody was waiting for a gaffe from either candidate, it never came. I do not think this debate will have a significant impact on this campaign contrary to what I suggested in the last post. I'm a little disappointed. The highlight of the debate however was when Joe Biden began to choke up when talking about raising his two kids alone after his wife and child were killed in an accident. No doubt it will go down well with the sentimental yanks.

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