Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fundraiser for Obama in Dublin

Over 100 US citizens gathered in Dublin on Sunday at the Dalkey home of Moira Shipsey to raise money for Barack Obama's bid for the White House. Ms Shipsey is a prominent refugee lawyer who is married to senior counsel Bill Shipsey. The Shipsey's teamed up with Kate Fitzgerald, who chairs Ireland's chapter of Democrats Abroad to launch the event. Attending the fundraiser were a variety of well known personalities most notably Daniel Day Lewis and his wife, novelist and filmmaker Rebecca Miller. Also attending was US-Ireland Alliance president Trina Vargo who advises Barack Obama on Irish issues.

I do not know how much money the event managed to raise. In order to attend the fund raiser a minimum donation of $100 was required. The maximum donation permitted per person by US law is $2300. The money raised will go to the Obama campaign's efforts to win over the swing states. Lets face it, the money raised in Dalkey is a mere drop in the ocean. But symbolically though, it will I think help Obama. This event will be well documented in Irish America and will help reassure the Irish vote that Obama is sensitive to Irish issues. I wonder, republicans abroad, do they exist ? and if so what kind of numbers could they pull in at a fundraiser abroad. It is difficult to imagine how John McCain's message would appeal to many living oversees. Maybe in Georgia, Israel or South Korea but that I reckon is that.


Robert J. Avrech said...


Here's the website of Samizdata, Conservatives abroad.


Ted Leddy said...

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I will do a post on it in the interest of being fair and balance. Thanks for visiting and the comment. Its an honor to have a blogging legend like you on Gubu-World.