Thursday, October 30, 2008

Netenyahu to be Israel's next PM

Tzipi Livni has failed in her attempt as leader of the Kadima party to form a new coalition government. The ongoing effort since Ehud Olmert's resignation last month collapsed when negotiations broke down between Kadima and the ultra orthodox Shas party. This means that Ehud Olmert will remain on as caretaker Prime minister until the outcome of the next election which will now probably take place next month. This is a blow to Livni, the current foreign minister, as it means she does not automatically become PM after Olmert's resignation but will instead have to face the electorate. Most pundits agree that the Kadima party will not fair well in a general election as it is tainted by Olmert's corruption allegations and the ineffectual leadership during the July 06 war with Hezbollah. A general election will most likely see a return to power off the Likud party under the leadership of former PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netenyahu will likely be elected Prime Minister of Israel next month

Netanyahu is a hawk. As PM from 1996 to 1999 he rarely negotiated with Arafat, was against dismantling Jewish settlements and in 2005 he resigned from Ariel Sharon's government in protest at the disengagement from Gaza. Today he is uncompromising on the final status of Jerusalem, the return of Palestinian refugees and the Iranian nuclear crisis where ha has called for a preemptive strike. Netanyahu is popular in Israel. He has in some ways been proven right both on Gaza and Lebanon. I predict he will lead Likud back to power in the next election. That is unless of course the liberal wave sweeping across America at present also sweeps across Israel in the wake of an Obama landslide next Tuesday. Who knows, the election of Obama could lead many Israelis to consider giving peace another chance.

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