Friday, October 31, 2008

Re-distributor in Chief

John McCain's closing argument in the US presidential election is that he is running to be Commander in Chief where as Barack Obama is running to be Re-distributor in Chief. Pretty lame it has to be said. McCain and Palin's last throw of the dice appears to be to paint Obama as a socialist that wants to punish the successful. Focusing on his plan to increase taxes for the richest 5% and a newly discovered 2001radio interview where Obama claimed that the civil right movement in the 1960's failed to re distribute wealth to the black community (seems reasonable to me) McCain has decided to pounce on this and hammer in home in swing states between now and Tuesday. I don't think the public are buying it. Obama responded nicely by claiming next they're going to accuse me of being a secret communist because I used to share my toys in kinder garden. Obama's half hour infomercial aired on Wednesday has I think alleviated any fears in main stream America that he's a dangerous radical. Obama has it. As I keep repeating, just don't screw up, don't even bother going in for the kill. Just coast over the line because at this stage McCain needs Obama to give it to him.

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