Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Strike on Syria

A video has appeared on the Internet appearing to show footage of Sunday's helicopter strike by US forces inside Syrian territory. The tape also displays images of the bloody aftermath that left several civilians dead. The strike it is claimed was a specific hit on one of the main Syrian facilitators that operates a weapons and insurgent smuggling racket in and out of Iraq.

I am surprised that this has not become more of an election issue as it is an identical situation to the controversial Afghan issue of using that occupied country to launch cross border attacks into Al Quaeda controlled parts of Pakistan, a thorny topic that both presidential candidates have frequently been quizzed about. I would have thought this is especially more complicated and potentially explosive in Iraq because of the possibility that the US might use Iraq to launch a total war against either Syria or Iran, something which would obviously put the Iraqi government in an impossible position. Particularly since there is a provision in the Iraqi constitution that says Iraq should not be used by the Americans as a base for an attack on its neighbours. It is not known yet if the Maliki government in Baghdad was aware in advance of Sunday's attack. If they were then they would have been in violation of their constitution. Oh it feels good to be doing a piece on something other than the presidential race.

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