Sunday, October 5, 2008

"W" the Movie

Oliver Stone's latest political movie continues the trend of presidential biographies following on from JFK and Nixon. His next masterpiece is simply entitled W and I just can't wait. It explores the life of George W. Bush from his hard drinking college years through to his presidency. It is due out in the states just before the election, no doubt in order persuade the electorate away from voting republican. Watch the trailer below. Look out for James Cromwell playing Bush senior and Richard Dreyfus playing Dick Cheney.

Here is a clip where Josh Brolin, playing Bush, meets his future wife Laura for the first time.

And here is another little teaser.


Damien Mulley said...

This is going to be a fun movie

Ted Leddy said...

you are right Damian, it could be a classic

I wonder why more films haven't been made about the mad post 9/11 times we live in. Maybe there are more to come.

Damian, I admire your blog very much.

Anie said...

Looks great, can't wait to see true to life do you think its going to be? Is Stone be pro or anti bush?

Ted Leddy said...


Stone is anti Bush. In fact he has been anti establishment since his own days fighting in the jungles of Vietnam. How accurate is it ? I don't quite know as its not due for release here until December. However in the trailer we see W collapsing after choking on a pretzel. That for starters is fact. I always remember seeing a placard at an anti war demo that read DOWN WITH BUSH, UP WITH PRETZLES

Damien, "I admire your blog", but aparantly not enough to spell your name correctly. I apologise.