Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who is Joe the Plumber ?

Anybody watching this weeks final presidential debate in the US will be asking this question. The reason being that he was mentioned about 20 times during the debate. To answer the question, his name is Joe Wurzelbacher from Ohio. He confronted Obama on the campaign trail this week and expressed concerns that Obama's tax plan would hamper his efforts to buy his plumbing business. Watch the confrontation below.

America being the somewhat funny place that it is, Joe the plumber has become something of a celebrity. During Wednesday's debate both candidate addressed the man directly. This has led to a media frenzy surrounding poor Joe. All mainstream media outlets have tried to get him on record. They all want to know who he is voting for. Is he going to stick with McCain, the natural choice for him or did Obama win him over in the above clip. So far the wily plumber is remaining tight lipped. As for the debate itself. Obama won, and by win I mean it was a draw but a draw is as good as a win for Obama because as I keep saying all he needs to do is break even and allow his momentum to carry him over the line. At this late stage, I don't think Joe the Plumber's endorsement will make much of a difference.


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Ted Leddy said...


Why so pessimistic. OK you're a conservative and you don't like liberals but Obama is still mainstream. America has had left wing Presidents before, Carter, Kennedy ect and the world kept spinning. Try look on the bright side. Who knows, he may do great things for your country. I believe that his ability to communicate backed up by a hidden toughness could reap real results.

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Also Ted

I know you're worried about a democratic controlled political system but remember America is essentially a conservative country unlike us pinkos over this side of the pond. Even with the Dems in congress America could never swing that far to the left.