Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Conservative Americas obsession with Churchill

I have never fully understood why right wing America is so in love with Winston Churchill. The love affair was evident even throughout this years presidential election where John McCain ads regularly featured images of himself with Churchill speeches filling the background. And how many times since 9/11 have we heard the Churchill Chamberlain comparison even in situations where it was completely irrelevant. The reason I am so surprised at this hero worship is because, well, don't they know, Churchill thought America was a morally bankrupt country and he had no confidence whatsoever in the American soldiers ability to fight. Yet Reagan had a portrait of Churchill in Camp David and Bush currently has a sculpture of the British Bulldog in the Oval Office.

I'm not disputing Churchill's war time role but I am tired of how every time the US is confronted with a foreign policy dilemma somebody like John Bolton or Sean Hannity will make this lazy minded analogy of Churchill versus Chamberlain. To play the appeasement card when considering whether or not to bomb Libya or invade Grenada is amateur at best. Probably the biggest sinner here is former New York mayor Rudolph Guliani who appears to think that he is in fact Winston Churchill reincarnated. In conclusion I want to suggest that as part of the Republican party's post election autopsy they may consider searching for a new mascot other than Churchill because comparing Britain's plight in 1940 with Americas today has never seemed so utterly without substance.

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