Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gaza ceasefire hanging by a thread

The bodies of two Palestinian militants lay near a mortar launcher after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, November 16, 2008.

The five month old Egyptian brokered ceasefire between Hamas and the IDF appears to be coming to an end. This is bad news and not just for obvious reasons. If the situation deteriorates further it will no doubt play into the hands of the right wing Likud party who will likely win next Februaries election as a result. This will return Benjamin Netenyahu to power who has been calling for a pre emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. In addition he is the least likely Israeli leader to compromise on the vital issues particularly on the need for Israel to dismantle Jewish settlements in the west bank. I have been predicting that the liberal wave sweeping across America at the moment might also land on Israel's shores. If so, then perhaps a real effort to achieve a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine might take off. During eight years of Bush rule very little effort has ever been made to really push both sides to do what we all know they have to. I fear that under Netenyahu leadership, the former Prime Minister will be unable to separate himself from his far right supporters that have been calling for military action on Iran, no dismantling of settlements and no compromise on the final status of Jerusalem. This that would naturally be a setback for any plans that Obama has to initiate a detailed peace plan. Watch the clip below on the Gaza violence.


Annie said...

I know this may sound niave...but why are the bodies just left lying there?

Ted Leddy said...


I assume the Israeli strike against the Hamas rocket launchers has only just happened and ambulance personnel have not yet arrived on the scene to clear the bodies.