Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

Obama is President elect. His landslide victory became clear early enough as the swing states of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida fell one by one in his favor. Today is a great day for America and the world.

I have already heard one eccentric American woman on TV cry hopefully the world wont hate us so much anymore. This upset me because I never hated America, nor did I even dislike it. But America did disappoint me and I was bitter. I was bitter at how the optimism which accompanied the dawn of the new millennium was crushed by Bush. I was bitter that an era that should have been a great era for humanity turned out to be a a disastrous one filled with war, poverty and crisis after crisis. The first ten years of the 21st century have been wasted. A time without superpower rivalry and with a communications revolution should have heralded a new era of international cooperation with the purpose of tackling issues like poverty and international conflicts. But instead we had all the GUBU events described in my profile. The worst of which was of course Iraq. George Bush and his crew invaded Iraq, not for oil, Al Qaeda or WMD but to flex Americas muscles at the beginning of a new century and to illustrate their view of American power and how it should be applied in the world. And the consequences of this political experiment left hundreds of thousands dead and and created instability and uncertainty throughout the region and the world. This was an unforgivable act that left a stain on America that will be very difficult to remove. But today's result is a good step. Obama I hope will prove to be just as effective a consensus builder globally as he has been nationally. He will succeed in creating a coalition to deal with Iran. He will be tough with Russia but respect that they too have legitimate security concerns. He will strive to achieve a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. He will use his extraordinary powers of persuasion in Pakistan and most importantly he will appeal to the Muslim masses and court them away from extremism. Well done America. You chose well.

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