Friday, November 7, 2008

Well done Le Niamh

The Le Niamh, intercepted a yacht with €500 worth of cocaine

The Irish Navy is being credited today with a massive drugs haul following a sting operation in the Atlantic. The Offshore Patrol Vessel Le Niamh, captained by Orla Gallagher, Ireland's first female skipper, intercepted a yacht some 170 kilometers off the Cork coast late last night. On board was over half a billion worth of cocaine, wow! The three British men on board have been transferred to Bantry and Bandon Garda Stations. It appears that the interception was the culmination of many months of inter agency cooperation between the British, Irish, Spanish and Portuguese authorities. I have been arguing for some time now that Ireland needs a larger and more effective navy. This illustrates why. This is by far the largest seizure of drugs in the history of the Irish state. No doubt many more of a similar size have got through in the past. There is no place for the relaxed Irish attitude here. Major Colombian and Caribbean drug gangs have obviously figured out that Ireland is a soft touch when it comes to introducing cocaine into Europe, no doubt leaving a few bails here for Ireland's scumbags to fight over, before they get the ferry to England.

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