Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Vote for Obama

I want Barack Obama to be President for the following reasons. The issues that I blog about are the Israeli Palestinian conflict, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are issues that require a multilateral approach. Presidential power is about the ability to persuade. Obama is a communicator who has an extraordinary ability to articulate his message. Contrast this to George Bush. very few world leaders are interested in impressing him. Why should they ? Despite the fact that he is commander in chief of the worlds most powerful military and holds immense political and economic power, George Bush has been unable to persuade Pakistan to root out Al Quaeda along the border with Afghanistan. He has been unable to generate an international consensus on how to handle the Iranian nuclear crisis and his efforts to bring peace to the holy land have been nothing short of pathetic. I cannot see McCain improving in any of these areas. McCain thinks its 1980 again and America is unclear of its role in the world and therefor needs a Ronald Reagan to aggressively win the war on terror just as Reagan won the cold war. McCain is a cold war warrior with a 20th century mentality.

Vote for Obama/Biden

There is a lot at stake in this election. Do not listen to those that say this election will change nothing. Not true. John McCain and Barack Obama will have radically different approaches to the issues that I regularly blog about. Where as Obama will build the grandest global coalition of all time to fight the worlds problems, McCain wants to "follow Bin Laden to the gates of hell". I am afraid he will, and that he will drag the rest of the world with him. So please, any Americans reading this, vote Obama. I am not a rampant liberal. I believe there is a time for conservative politics and a time for more liberal politics. Today November 4th is a time for America to be brought back to the center of the global effort to ensure that the 21st century is one of peace where the rule of law governs International affairs.

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