Monday, December 29, 2008

Its War !

It has been brewing for some time but all out war has broken out between Israel and Hamas in the Hamas controlled Gaza strip. On Saturday the Israeli Air Force launched a bombardment of the Gaza strip. By Monday lunchtime it appears that two Israelis have been killed by rocket fire in the southern city of Ashkalon and 315 Palestinians have been killed by the strikes. Of these at least 60 were civilians. The rest were Hamas policemen and officials killed when the IAF attacked the Islamic university and a Hamas government compound. It is also being reported now that the Israeli Navy are participating in the attack on Gaza with warships in the Mediterranean firing shells at Hamas targets. Speculation is rapidly mounting as IDF troops gather at the southern border and army reservists are called up that an all out ground offensive is only a matter of time.

A very gruesome Reuters photo of dead Palestinian policemen killed in an IAF strike

The International response
Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Martin has condemned the Israeli air strikes as disproportionate. British foreign secretary Davis Miliband has called for an immediate ceasefire as has Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair. The Americans have urged the Israelis to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. There are vocal demonstration appearing outside Israeli embassies all over Europe including Dublin. Israeli flags are being burnt in angry scenes in Muslim cities from Baghdad to Jakarta. There are also reports of riots in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by Arab Israelis angered at the Gaza attacks. In the West Bank the Fatah Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has expressed his solidarity with his rival Hamas in the face of the Israeli onslaught.

It has been a slow month for Gubu World but it now looks like the political blogosphere could be very busy with this for the next month or so. Is this a re run of the July 2006 Israeli war with Lebanon. In any case I will try to keep my readers as up to date as possible by regularly updating on events whilst also posting on the context and background of the conflict as well as as examining the morality of the conflict and the methods used by both sides. Stay close !

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