Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No really, Its the Jews fault

Some people have been asking me to elaborate on my last post. So here it goes. During my time living in the United Arab Emirates here are some of the random anti Semitic rants I came across, none of which can reasonably be blamed on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The most common: There were no Jews killed the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The most Bizarre. Aids was created by the Jews right !

My favourite: Did you know the Asian tsunami in 2004 was caused by the Jews.

There are many people fighting Israel today not because they are angered at the separation wall or the settlements. They are doing so because a Jewish presence in Palestine is intolerable for them. They do not want to liberate Palestine. They want to destroy Israel. As far as they are concerned Tel Aviv and Haifa are settlements that should be dismantled. Many of these people simply will not let go to the dream that they will one day be in a position to deliver a final fatal knock out blow to Israel. During my time in the UAE the most frightening thing I ever heard was, after 100 years of fighting we finally ousted the crusaders from Arab land, the Israeli crusade is only 60 years old. This comment signals the intent of a significant minority of Arabs to never accept a Jewish state.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this minority controls the Arab and Muslim world.

Ted Leddy said...

I see what you mean my friend. My experiences in the Arab world made this clear to me. However there is always hope. There are many Arabs and Muslims who, like most Israelis, also want peace. You must stay optimistic. Thank you for your comment and drop by any time.