Sunday, December 7, 2008

Seriously, blame it on the Jews

I believe further elaboration is required on the subject of my last two posts. Why do many people, particularly in the Arab world believe the racist conspiracy theory that there were no Jews killed on September 11th. Anti Semitic people that buy into the protocols of elders of Zion theory which basically claims that world Jewry are strategically placed throughout the world and that they are pulling the strings to further the Jewish agenda also tend to mouth this claim that there were no Jewish victims of 9/11. So basically the Jews knew about 9/11 in advance and consequently none of them showed up for work that day. This is of course not true. There were nearly 200 Jewish people killed that day. But this undeniable fact doesn't stop many Muslims believing this theory. It really is quite sinister as the message underpinning it is that Jews around the world are working to strengthen Israel and to destroy the Arab world and in order to do this they would conspire to organise the 9/11 attacks which empowered Israel to conduct its war in Palestine more aggressively and initiated a chain of events that included the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Jews created aids. This ugly rumour is particularly popular with sub Saharan Muslims. They have got in into their heads that the Jews invented the HIV virus in order to combat the increasing Muslim population in Africa.

Jews caused the 2004 Asian tsunami. Apparently it was not an underwater earthquake. It was in fact an Israeli submarine conducting a nuclear test. And of course they tipped of all Jews not to go holidaying in Thailand of Sri Lanka that day.
Check out the Jewish tidal wave


Anonymous said...

I think you are a jew and not an irish man. You are furthering the jewish agenda. You see nothing wrong with israel or jews.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks for your insightful comment anonymous. Firstly I am not Jewish, I am catholic and a very proud Irishman.

You say I am furthering "the Jewish agenda". You will have to enlighten me on what this agenda is. I am curious, do you believe any of the conspiracy theories mentioned in this post.

I see plenty wrong with Israel and the way it conducts its occupation. But I believe strongly that the state of Israel itself is a legitimate country and that this should made clear by any reasonable person that wants to see peace.

Lastly I think it is vital that people distinguish Jews from Israel. If Israel commits a crime it is racist to blame it on Jews everywhere as you appear to do.