Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Faces of War Part 2

We are in the 11th day of this war. The Palestinian death toll is reported to be 629 but it is likely closer to 800 as most of the Hamas fighters Israel claim to have killed in battle over the last 48 hours remain on the battlefield and are not officially counted among the dead. The Israeli death toll has risen to 9 after three Israeli soldiers were killed in a friendly fire incident last night.

Earlier today an Israeli tank shell hit the United Nations school in Northern Gaza where many civilians whose homes were destroyed were receiving shelter. It appears that at least 40 civilians were killed. The IDF have released a video indicating that militants were firing from the building. As usual we will probably never know the truth. All we know is that another forty innocent people just got cut to bits.

Three men frantically carry a seriously wounded youth to hospital

Three children await treatment in a Gaza hospital

An injured Israeli soldier is escorted from the battlefield

Israeli President Shimon Peres visits a wounded soldier in hospital, he doesn't look much in the mood for a visit.

Relatives mourn at the funeral of a man killed in an air strike

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Anonymous said...

pretty tough pictures. The 3 little fellas on the hospital bed is hard to watch. I'm getting a good insight to goings on in last 11 days from GUBU. Thanks for that, Eoghan.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Eoghan

I know its getting all a bit too much. Glad Gubu World is proving somewhat insightful. Look out for my next post where I finally come clean and tell it like it is. The real truth about the war.