Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Faces of War Part 3

This war is in its 19th day. The Palestinian death toll has exceeded 1000 where as the Israelis remain at 13. The IDF have wisely avoided getting drawn into the center of Gaza city where they would be particularly vulnerable to small and light arms fire. It does however appear that operation Cast Lead could be reaching its climax. Whether this means an outright battle for the city remains to be seen. Whatever happens it appears that this is going to end on Israel's terms. The UN security council finally called for a ceasefire but the Israelis have decided to ignore it. Likewise the Franco Egyptian proposal of ending Hamas rockets in exchange for a lifting of the blockade has not come into being and does not look like it will until Israel has completed its military actions. The next few days could be the bloodiest so far which means, plenty more faces of war.

A wounded infant is taken into Shifa hospital in Gaza

Israeli civilians take cover during an air raid in Sderot, souther Israel

Israelis weeping at the funeral of a fallen soldier

A man screams for help as the body of a child is pulled from rubble in Gaza

A Palestinian woman surveys the rubble

An Israeli soldier prays before battle

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