Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ground War in Gaza

Israeli Defence Forces spokesperson Captain Benjamin Rutland announces that the IDF have invaded the Gaza strip. He briefly outlines the the intentions and objectives of the operation.

The IDF have released this footage of their troops preparing to invade Gaza

After eight days of air strikes the Israeli Defence Forces invaded Gaza last night. It is being reported that 100 tanks and four combat brigades containing approximately 10,000 troops are fighting in the Gaza strip. This war has just entered a new phase where the Israelis can expect to bleed. The IDF have already confirmed one soldier killed in action and thirty more wounded. Having said that the Israelis still have the edge even when it comes to urban warfare fought at close quarters. The IDF is the best equipped army in the world. The Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza as I type these words will even have access to the Corner Shot gun pictured here. An ingenious piece of technology that allows soldiers to fire shots around corners without exposing any part of the body to enemy fire. No doubt this will come in handy whilst fighting in the worlds most densely populated strip of land.

The death toll tonight stands at 5 Israeli to 512 Palestinians. It is about to rise dramatically. It is going to be increasingly difficult to access accurate information about the conflict. The Israeli authorities have banned all foreign journalists from the strip. As always I will scan the blogosphere in an attempt to get first hand up to date information. I will try my best to keep all Gubu World as well informed as is possible.

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