Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guns silenced as Obama prepares

Thousands gather at the Washington Mall for the inauguration of Barack Obama

The last Israeli troops are withdrawing from the Gaza strip as we speak after Saturdays ceasefire. Speculation is rife as to the political timing of the entire war as many link both the upcoming Israeli general elections and today's presidential inauguration with the chronology of the conflict right up to the hour of Obama's swearing in. I'm not sure how true all of this is but I hope 1300 did not lose their lives over mere politics. Look out for a detailed upcoming post where I review the entire war and attempt to forecast its political ramifications. In the meantime I'm off to watch what is beginning to look like the coronation of a king.


Anonymous said...

Do you believe all the wonderful things he said? All the hype?

I have a thought.

The US is pretty much the British Empire of our time. Many nations have a certain distaste for the US.

It seems to me, althought it is a great step forward having a "black" president in a white house built by black slaves, that this could be, in part, a well thought, and so far very successfull, ploy to boost foreign opinion of the US. God knows they need it.

Many of his promises were directed at foreign policy, to rebuild US relations with a world at odds with they recent foreign policies. In the 8 years of Bush's "reign of terror" a lot of damage was done. Obama hopes to undo the damage. But as we all know, it takes longer to heal than to hurt.

Can Obama really put right US wrongs? Is being black enough? Will his promises come to fruition?

Mildly relavent is this message Jenny (an Irish girl living in the Bible belt) left me this week about an incident she witnessed over there. A bunch of youths pulled up beside a homeless man on the street, opened the window and threw a handful of change at the homeless man shouting "There's the change Obama promised you".

Ted Leddy said...


Very very interesting. When you say that the whole Obama phenonomen may be a "ploy" I have to ask by who. I'm not saying you're wrong but I don't think its deliberate. Having said that I'm sure when the democratic delegates were considering who to vote for they had Obamas appeal to the world in mind.

I will say this. The American people have been very uncomfortable with the idea of being so unpopular around the world in recent times. They are in fact quite needy really. They have to be liked. And a black man with a Muslim name was an automatic winner with many because they knew he would be popular globally.

"Can Obama really put right US wrongs?" Obama will always put American national interest first, there will be no difference in this respect. However I have been following him closely in recent times and I can tell you definitely has a very different view of American power and how it should be applied throughout the world.

Aido man, That story with Jenny is crazy. The American right hate Obama and all the liberal ideas he stands for. Just check some of the right wing blogs on my blogroll under "blogs I read"

Anonymous said...

Had a look at some of the blogs, really are unreal. Some people are so passionate arn't they.

Ted Leddy said...

Yeh I know

People should just be cool, like me and you.