Saturday, January 31, 2009

A quick thought !

I have been monitoring many Israeli blogs over the last few weeks. Most of them took a hawkish stance during the Gaza war and virtually all are now ridiculing Obama's early efforts at peace building by sending George Mitchell to the holy land. They seem to think that Mitchell's experiences in Northern Ireland give no reason to think he can make any real progress in the muddle east. The general consensus is that Israelis and Palestinians simply hate each other more than Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. This is total bollox. The hatred levels were in fact quite similar even though the casualty numbers were considerably less.

George Mitchell meeting Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem earlier this week, apparently the hatred in the Northern Ireland conflict was not as severe as that in the Arab Israeli war.

In addition they seem to think that the Mid East conflict is more difficult to solve because the differences between Jews and Muslims are far greater than those of Catholics and Protestants who are both from a similar Christian western tradition. Again this is a cop out. Yes the differences are greater but this is irrelevant as a solution to the Mid East conflict will not require the type of power sharing institutions that proved so painful to implement in the north. Hamas and the likud party will never have to go into government together. For that matter, Israelis and Palestinians don't even have to learn to live together. A two state solution will result in two completely separate jurisdictions. In this sense the Israeli Palestinian conflict is easier to solve than Northern Ireland's. Face it people, you're running out of excuses.

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