Friday, February 27, 2009

Clooney visits Irish troops

George Clooney, pictured with members of the 99th Infantry Battalion in Goz Beida, Eastern Chad earlier this week. Clooney paid an unexpected visit to Camp Ciara as a UN Messenger of Peace. Funny, don't they have a go at him in the US for never visiting American troops. Don't think they will like this. I follow many of the right wing blogs in the US and they seem to have a particular disdain for this liberal hollywood figure.

Cowen to hang with Obama

It is confirmed. Taoiseach Brian Cowen will travel to Washington to meet with President Obama at the White house on St Patricks day. This is a tradition that began during the Clinton years and continued through the Bush era. However many have been wondering in recent weeks if Obama would renew this little get together amidst speculation Obama values little the relationship between the US and Ireland. This doubt was fuelled by the late date at which the White House invitation was received and by the general fear that Obama wants to re-evaluation the future of US companies based in Ireland as he begins a new phase of protectionist economics, an issue which might tempt the President to skip the Paddys day festivities. Not to be though and Brian Cowen will now be the third foreign leader to meet with Obama in Washington after the Japanese and British Prime Ministers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boycott of Israel Eircom deal is daft

The Irish Anti War Movement are petitioning eircom (Ireland's largest telecommunications supplier) to withdraw from a contract for a new computer billing system to a multinational consortium because it includes Israeli company Amdocs. This is another in a long line of bizarre attempts by the IAWM and others to demonize Israel out of all proportion.

Among the reasons given for this petition is that Amdocs employs over 4000 people in Israel many of whom serve in the military. Well I got news for you, virtually everybody in Israel from the baker to the lawyer, rich and poor has served or serves in the IDF. But perhaps most astonishingly is the claim on the posters I have seen throughout Dublin city center which claims that Israel must be held to account for its actions during the recent Gaza war which were "outside the norms of civilised behaviour". Oh now really that's just too much. When you think of all the horrors of the world, the massacres in the Congo and Uganda, the brutality of the civil wars in West Africa, the 70 0r 80 undemocratic nations across the world that have outrageous human rights records, but the IAWM decide to focus on Israel and accuse it of being uncivilised. Israel categorically does not act outside the norms of civilised behaviour. Israel has in fact an independent judicial system, something no Arab country has, which enforces the rule of law including human rights law on every Israeli citizen whether they are powerful political personalities or senior military figures. This submission to the rule of law is in my opinion the definition of civilised.

This boycott like most aimed at Israel is an attempt to criminalise and de-legitimize Israel. The comparison is often made with boycotts of apartheid South Africa. However apartheid South Africa was an illegitimate state founded on completely illegitimate principles. Whatever issues people have with Israel, and I have many too it is a legitimate democratic country and it most certainly is not uncivilised.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


On a Friday night about a year ago I was on my way to a friends house in the Liberties for a bit of a shin dig. On arrival in the area I rang my mate to get specific directions to his place. However when I couldn't get through I was left standing on a street corner like a lost puppy. I decided to kill a bit of time until the situation resolved itself by heading for the nearest boozer and by chance I came across a little gem. It was a quaint corner pub in a quaint corner of one of my favourite parts of town.

Let me explain why I am so fond of the Liberties. The Liberties is one of the oldest parts of the city. It is a traditional working class area located in the South inner city. One can clearly see on spending a short time rambling through its busy market streets and squares that it is an area that has clung on to its working class values. It has a strong sense of community where people look after themselves, their kids and their neighbours unlike some of the newer suburbs of west Dublin where lawlessness is rampant. On this night I found myself sitting at the bar in one of the coziest and friendliest bars I have ever been in. It was called Grumpy Jacks .

Gardai outside Grumpy Jacks on Thursday morning

I sat up the bar and ordered a pint. It was not long before I forgot that I was supposed to be somewhere else and an hour an a half later I was on my fifth pint and engaged in some classic banter with the bar man and three or four local characters, salt of the earth people who clearly adhere to the values of the area I mentioned above. I could not have been more content. "I'm definitely gonna come here again" I thought as I listened to am old man tell the story of Robert Emmet's execution which took place near by. And I did, on a handful of occasions between then and now I revisited Grumpy Jacks, the best old man pub in Dublin.

So what this all about. On Wednesday night some criminal scumbag pulled up outside Grumpy Jacks on a motorbike, ran inside and shot and killed another criminal scumbag in front of petrified staff and customers. I am absolutely fucking furious that this happened. And I am equally angry at how it has gone down across the nation. I could sense people listening to the radio on Thursday morning, holding their breaths when they heard that a man had been shot but sighing with relief when they heard that it happened in the Liberties and that the victim was known to the Gardai. It looks like the murder was carried out by the INLA who were probably trying to extort money from the dead mans criminal gang.

Irish National Liberation Army, what a fucking joke. These guys are such scum, and I mean such utter and total scum that they couldn't even get into the IRA. These guys are enemies of the state who have played a serious part in the rise of organised crime in Ireland over the last decade. They have used their experience and knowledge from gun running during the troubles to import weapons into the south for criminal gangs. And that is why today Ireland's cities are seeing 20 year old's shooting at each other over 500 Euro drug debts turning wonderful areas like the liberties into high crime areas.

I don't have anything particularly sophisticated to say about this right now except I wish these mother fuckers would get the fuck out of my city. These parasites are the worst people in this country. It is the responsibility of the state to utterly crush them and the sooner the better. If we let them win life in working class Dublin will become dominated by violent crime.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God Bless Israel

A few years ago I was in Iran doing some research for my M.Phil dissertation when I came across something quite amusing that I thought I would share with my Gubu readers. While taking a stroll through Tehran's Working class Southern streets, a highly congested area buzzing with activity, something caught my eye. I noticed a man about forty feet in front of me walking in my direction. He appeared to be a common workman who was carrying a heavy vehicle tyre on his shoulder. Nothing unusual there as the local economy in southern Tehran seemed to be dominated by the motor industry. This man was a typical Iranian in every way except for one absolutely dumbfounding difference. His attire. No he was not wearing shorts or stylish western clothing, banned in the Islamic republic. But he was wearing a white t-shirt with the words God Save Israel written in block capitals. When it sunk in what I was seeing my feet ground to a halt. I stood staring at the man like an imbecile and continued to eye ball him as he walked past, gently acknowledging me with a nod as he did so. As he past me I turned to stare some more only to see the words No Withrawal From the Terrirories printed on the back of the young man's shirt. These are controversial words anywhere but in Iran, the lions den. I do not know who this man was, what was his agenda or where he got the t-shirt but I think its safe to say he just didn't know what the words meant. What a truely Gubu World.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The death of Harry Leon

I went to see The death of Harry Leon in Smock Alley theatre on Saturday night last. It was in my humble opinion an excellent play and I am only surprised that it was not on in a larger venue as I'm sure once word spread there would have been no problem getting many more arses on seats. The play was written by Conall Quinn who admits attempting to get down and dirty to try and understand the roots of anti Semitism. They play asks the fundamental question, had Ireland succumbed to fascism would we too have persecuted the Jews in a similar fashion as happened in Germany, Italy and much of Europe. The answer according to Quinn is sadly yes.

The play opens in Dublin's Jewish community in Portabello in the late 1930s where debate rages as to the extent of the danger posed by Hitler and as to whether Ireland is a safe place for Jews. This debate is meticulous and covers every angle and no doubt accurately mirrors the conversations that took place in Jewish homes in this time period throughout Europe. There was Harry Leon himself, the artist and poet who loved Ireland and was convinced the Irish would never turn on him and his fellow Jews. Throughout the first half of the play he stubbornly ignored the signs of growing hostility toward Dublin's Jews dismissing the taunts and vandalism as mere thuggery by troublesome youths. His wife however was greatly concerned noting that "they look at us differently now". She was keen as a result to migrate to Palestine or America and constantly reminded her husband of this.

There was the local Rabbi who badgered secular Jews for their absence in synagogue on Saturdays. He was a Zionist who urged the Jews to leave for Palestine much to the fury of Harry. Harry's friend Tom Stein was a hilarious character whose drunken rants about Europe's fascists as well as his romantic escapades provided the audience with plenty of laughter. However the mood of the play turns from tense to terrifying in 1941 as news spreads of the successful coup launched by the Blue shirts. The audience is exposed to giant newspreads of the death of Taoiseach Eamon De Valera in the Luftwaffe air raid that accompanied the coup. Brilliantly done it was surreal for the likes of myself who is so familiar with Irish war time history to witness this.

The coup paves the way for Liam Devine, perhaps the most interesting character in the play. Liam is a local barman and friend of the Coen's. Throughout the play we watch as his character gradually evolves from a kind and civil man to a fascist and a Jew hater. This transformation begins when the weak willed Devine'd heart is broken by a local Jewish woman and takes flight with the news that his brother has been killed in Spain fighting for Franco's fascists. When he hooks up with a local blueshirt who convinces him that the Jews are to blame for just about everything (including the potato famine) the easily influenced Devine is converted whole heartily to the fascist cause.

I wont tell you how exactly it ends but I suppose it doesn't take a genius given the title. I do however recommend that you go see it when it returns which no doubt it will. It was an enjoyable evening. I love a story about right and wrong, about showing character in difficult situations when its really tested. This has it. But most of all it is a play about hatred and bigotry and what brings it on. I have always taken great pride in the fact that Ireland's Jews were never persecuted at any recognisable level and that Ireland's constitution is one of the few in the world that specifically mentions the rights of Jews. However on seeing this play one has to remind oneself that Ireland was never tested. The blueshirts never did gain power and German soldiers never patrolled our streets. Had they, Ireland would likely have a similar story to the Dutch and the French and so many other nations whose Jews did not survive the war.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ahh... Family Guy

God bless Seth McFarlan, the king of black comedy whose show Family Guy is one of the few outlets I have right now that never fails to consistently crack me up. For those of you who like me have a politically incorrect sense of humor you will enjoy watching Brian Griffin take the piss out of September 11th.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jimmy Carter... One state solution a disaster

I am looking forward to former US President Jimmy Carter's new book on the Middle East peace process entitled We can have peace in the Holy Land, A plan that will work. His latest book is a follow up to the hugely controversial 2006 bestseller, Palestine, Peace not apartheid, which I loved and which poor aul Jimmy, or Jihad Jimmy as the right wing nuts love to call him, received almost enemy status for in America. The 39th President is an expert on the Middle East. He famously brokered the 1978 Camp David accords that led to peace between Egypt and Israel. Today, the 84 year old is still at it. The gist of this book as I can gather before having actually read it is that time is dramatically running out for a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict but despite this, the time is ripe for a deal. Carter argues that the continued expansion of the Israeli state into the West Bank in the form of Jewish settlements has reached such a degree that the prospect of a Palestinian state will soon become permanently impossible. At which stage the Israelis will have to either expel the remaining Palestinians or incorporate them into Israel. As the Carlsberg Ad goes, "they're not great options" which is putting it mildly. Most Israelis realise this and that unless they want to avoid a situation where Jews become a minority in the worlds only Jewish state they are going to have to facilitate a Palestinian homeland. Since it is hitting home in Israel that a one state solutions would be a disaster for all concerned coupled with the fact that there is a new American President in office that has pledged to prioritise the peace process, 2009 could be the year that it happens. Here's hoping. I will post in further detail on the Jimmy Carter peace plan when I have eh.. well once I've read it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Better debates on Israel

The philosophical society in Trinity College Dublin hosted on Wednesday night its second debate in a week on the situation in the holy land. I was not there this time unfortunately because I was busy in Croke Park watching Robbie Keane making Rafa Benetiz look like a complete clown. The motion was that This house believes that Israeli actions in Palestine are justified. Speaking against the motion was Dan Boyle, TD for the Greens and Harry Brown the American born journalist who writes for Vincent Brown's The Village magazine. In favor of the motion was My buddy Tom Carew of the Ireland Israel friendship league (this guy just loves to be hated) and interestingly Professor Steven Weinberg, the Jewish American Nobel Prize winning physicist.

Dr Steven Weinberg, defended Israel at The Phil

From what I can gather from reports in the paper and chatting to a few people in attendance the debate followed the similar pattern that I constantly moan about where one side accuses Israel of war crimes and of being the modern day Black n Tans and the other side hurl claims of anti semitism, yawn yawn fucking yawn. However Dr Weinberg's contribution did appear to add something of an edge to the debate which makes me think I should have gone to Trinity instead of croker. Weinberg, by no means a fanatic seems to believe that Israel is on the front line of a wider struggle between Western democratic values and the Eastern Islamic tradition. He makes the very logical point which I must say I agree with, which is that if anybody out there thinks that if Israel ended its occupation completely or indeed ceased to even exist that Arab hatred of western liberal values would end there and then, then they are dreaming. The attacks in London, Madrid, New York, Washington, Bali, Mubai, Beslan, and Darfur were all unrelated to Israel as far as Weinberg is concerned. They were all attacks by Islamic fascists aimed at liberal western targets.

Meanwhile Wednesday also produced a fascinating clash during a joint committee on foreign affairs meeting in Leinster house. Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter came face to face with Professor Ilan Pappe of the University of Exeter in what was a classic battle between two Jews, both of whom view Israel in a completely different light. Now I definitely would have given up Robbie Keanes double strike for this. Professor Pappe was born in Israel but at some stage during his life he turned his back on Zionism. Today he is a revisionist historian who rejects the Israeli version of events surrounding the creation of the Jewish state which he claims was founded at he expense of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that were violently expelled from their homes. Naturally this interpretation of events has not gone down well with his conservative fellow Jews who view him as a sort of Quisling figure. Alan Shatter as all Gubu World readers will know is Ireland's only Jewish TD and a stong supporter of Israel.

Professor Ilan Pappe, above, argued with Alan Shatter in Leinster House

These type of confrontations occur regulary in America where right and left wing Jews are constantly at each others throats each claiming that the other's politics is less Jewish. But in Ireland such a polictical and academic collision is rare. In Israel and America Professor Pappe would be known as a self hating Jew, somone who is embarrassed at their heritage. I do not believe that Shatter used the term in this instance but no doubt he thinks it. It did however get nicely heated by all accounts. Professor Pappe claimed that Israel had a "genocidal" plan for Hamas and Hezbollah and that the people of Gaza were confined to a prison camp similar to a bantustan in apartheid South Africa. Shatter responded by accusing Prof Pappe of "putting forward historical inaccuracies and exaggerated statistics in an effort to fit the past into an ideological perspective". This was no doubt a dig at Pappe's famous book The ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

I am going to try to download this debate and put it up here because I have no doubt it will provide a definite insight into the Jewish mindset when it comes to Israel. My early thoughts about this episode are as follows. There are so many people throughout the world, anti semites who like to blame just about everything on the Jews and the Jewish agenda who do not realise and probably do not want to, that Jews are the same as every other race in the following respect. They argue among themselves. There are right wing Jews, left wing Jews, religious and secular Jews. There are hippy Jews, there are sporty Jews, there are greedy Jews and there are generous Jews. There is no collective Jewish agenda. Those who think there is are looking for some sort of scapegoat for the worlds problems. In any case I must say I am pleased at how these two events on Wednesday were a stark departure from the usual lazy minded ramblings and hope it is the beginning of a new era of quality debate in this country when it comes to Israel and Palestine. Ah well, I'm done, rant over.

Brian Griffin gets it

Brian Griffin gets it, and he's a mut. Anyway take a gander at this beautiful piece of work by Family Guy. Thankfully it seems that the era in America when only cartoons appeared capable of articulating the absurdity that was the invasion of Iraq is long gone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Livni Wins

Damn I'm good. As I have been saying on Gubu World for months now, the liberal wave that has swept America is also effecting Israel. I knew that the notoriously inaccurate Israeli polls had got it wrong when they declared that the Israeli electorate had taken a sharp swing to the right. While they are not quite sitting around the campfire singing "give peace a Chance" just yet, the strong Kadima performance is a definite indicator that the Israeli people favor negotiations with the Palestinians and ultimately a two state solution. If people would just listen to me I tell ya we'd have had peace donkeys years ago.

This result is good news for the Obama, Mitchell, Tony Blair peace plan as it is for all the sane people out there that understand that only a secure Israel and a viable Palestinian state is the way forward. Obama's pledge to put his weight behind the peace process in his first year in office clearly influenced the Israeli electorate here. They obviously did not want to see such an opportunity wasted by voting in a man who will never remove Jewish settlements from the west bank nor who is vehemently opposed to a Palestinian state. And with the Kadima party restoring its image during the recent Gaza war as a party that can keep Israel safe the people have decided to give them a chance.

However things are not quite sown up yet. The situation is as follows. Livni's Kadima party topped the poll by winning 28 of 120 seats in parliament. Netenyahu's Likud came second with 27. Throughout Israeli history the leader of the party that topped the poll has always become Prime Minister. The only way this will not happen now is if Netenyahu manages to form an unlikely coalition between Likud and labour and the Israel is our home party (remember the mad Moldovan bouncer) at the expense of Kadima. In any event the next government will have to be a coalition so we can expect to see some frantic haggling going on between now and the 42 days they have to form a government but it must be said its looking good for Livni.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Israel's mad leaders cast their vote.

Israeli politics is so cool. Watch as the plastic yank, the foxy former secret agent, the ousted scandal ridden Prime Minister, the left wing warrior and the mad Moldovan bouncer all cast their votes in today's election. One of these bizarre collection of characters will be the Jewish nations next Prime Minister. Give me Cowen kenny or Gilmore any day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Poll tightening in Israel

It is not yet a forgone conclusion that Benjamin Netanyahu is to be Israel's next Prime Minister as polls show ahead of tomorrows general election that the gap is narrowing between the Likud party headed by Netanyahu and the Kadima party led by current foreign minister Tzipi Livni. The situation is as follows.

The Background
The Likud party has been hurling accusations at the ruling Kadima Party for three years now that they are soft on terrorism. The Likud opposed the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza and fiercely criticised the conduct of the July 2006 war with Lebanon which they claim was ineffective and weak and only served to embolden Hezbollah. Netanyahu has also criticised the government for failing to confront Tehran, the "head of the snake" as he calls it. In addition they have been reminding everyone of the corruption scandal that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert got himself into which ultimately triggered tomorrows election. However Tzipi Livni has successfully distanced herself from Olmert's corrupt ways and the electorate are unlikely to punish her for that.

Six weeks ago it looked certain that the Likud would win this election and that Bibi (Netenyahu's nickname) would become Prime Minister for the second time. However with the outbreak of war with Hamas on December 27th last an opportunity (I know, it is disgusting to think of it as such) emerged for Livni and the Kadima to exorcise the Ghosts of July 06 by aggressively winning a war. It appears they have done so. It will in my opinion all boil down to how the Israeli public view the recent three week blood bath. If the general consensus is that Israel won hands down then Livni will be elected Prime Minister (the second female PM of Israel) tomorrow. But if Bibi succeeds in his efforts to portray the entire episode as a failure due to Hamas's survival and its ability to continue firing rockets then it will be a Likud government sworn in next month.

As things stand
As of now Likud are in the lead. They are expected to win between one and three more seats in parliament than kadima. Surprisingly in third place is the Yisrael Beiteinu party led by mad man (will qualify this on request) Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman is an extremist who opposes any compromise with the Palestinians and has in fact called for all Arab Israelis to be forced to take an oath of allegiance or be expelled. In fourth place is the once mighty labour part led by current Defence Minister and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. In the likely event that that no party wins an outright majority the next government will have to be formed by an unnatural and very interesting coalition.

The future
The election of Netenyahu would undoubtedly be a blow to President Obama and his new Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell. Bibi is emphatically opposed to the dismantling of Jewish settlements and the establishment of a Palestinian state. He did as it happens resign from government in 2005 because of Ariel Sharon's disengagement from the Gaza strip. Tzipi Livni on the other hand has been negotiating with the Syrians during the last year over the disputed Golan Heights and has shown willingness to compromise with the Palestinian territory. As I have pointed out constantly on Gubu World, 2009 is a vital year for the region. Events are I believe coming together in favour of a Palestinian state. The election of Bibi could I fear be a real spanner in the works. We will see tomorrow.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Winning the war on terror, Drebin style

If Obama wants to know how to fight and win the war on terror he should just follow Frank Drebin's lead. Watch as Drebin dishes out some American justice to Uganda's Idi Amin, Libya's Colonel Gaddafi, Moscow's Gorbachev, the PLO's Yassir Arafat and Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini. This is one on the funniest scenes in movie history, well in spoof movie history. Enjoy !

Debating Gaza in Trinity

I tagged along to a debate last night at the Philosophical society in Trinity College Dublin. The motion in front of the house was that This house believes that Israeli actions in Gaza have been just and proportionate. It was good craic, I had a bit of a laugh, I met some interesting people and managed to scam two free beers out of the "Phil" by pretending to be a student but I left as sure as I ever have been that the Israel Palestine debate in this country is in dire straits.

Speaking in favor of the motion was the Jewish warrior himself, Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter who in my opinion played a blinder on the nations airwaves throughout the recent war in Gaza. He was joined by Tom Carew of the Ireland Israel Friendship League who also brought a bit of balance in recent weeks to this most contentious of discussions. Against the motion was Dr Hikmat Ajur, representative of the Palestinian Authority in Ireland. Dr Ajur is a Palestinian Christian from the west bank, He has no links to Hamas and is it must be said an extremely reasonable man. Both sides had a series of student speakers in their corners.

My problem is this. Here were three articulate well meaning and reasonable men, all of whom believe in a two state solution with a secure Israel and a viable Palestine. Surely such a debate should produce some enlightening conclusions. Unfortunately not. All three speakers were forced to rebut the previous student speaker's outlandish and amateurish assertions. I don't want to seem like an elitist that only wants to see experts discussing the issues, the Phil is after all a student organisation. I do however want to see a better quality debate on the issue in this country, in parliament, the media and on campus.

I don't blame the students last night. They have picked up from the main stream media what they think is the norm, hence the "Israel is committing genocide" rant and the "Islam is a religion of war" rave. I want the media to stop giving the morons the platform to present Ireland's stance as an irrational and even radical one. We must never be more Israeli than the Israelis or Palestinian than the Palestinians. Am I the only one who remembers how cringy it was when Irish Americans threw there lot in with the republican movement in the north. As a nation that overcame a conflict as intractable as that in the Middle East I think it is a must that Ireland's position reflects this and the primary message that we send out is, decades of conflict, it can come to an end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jimmy Carter Says Yes !

I came across this video and just had to put it up. I love former President Jimmy Carter. I have read all his books on the Middle East. Its not that I think the 39th President was Americas best head of state but he's just so damn nice. During a time when Americas image was taking such a battering Jimmy Carter was travelling around the world promoting human rights and democratic government. He is also the only prominent person in the USA who calls it as he sees it in the Middle East and simply does not care how much mud is flung at him by the pro Israel block. So I remain, along with Waskey Elwood Walls Jr, an ardent Jimmy Carter fan. Enjoy !

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alan Shatter sticks it to the Iranian Ambassador

Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter (pictured) had a right go at the Iranian ambassador last week during a meeting of the Oireachtas foreign affairs committee in which the ambassador Ebrahim Rahimpour was invited to speak. Alan Shatter is Ireland's only Jewish member of parliament and is well known as a man who defends Israel publicly just as he did during the recent war in Gaza. This is not an easy job in Ireland and to his credit he definitely brings a bit of balance to the debate which as I always claim on Gubu World is dominated by highly opinionated, badly informed Israel bashers.

Shatter claimed that the Iranians are using the Palestinians as pawns in their efforts to dominate the region. I'll go along with that. He then claimed in response to the ambassadors long winded speech which concluded with him reaffirming Iran's belief that there should only be only government in Palestine, that the ambassadors speech confirmed that the official Iranian position is to see Israel wiped off the map. This sparks off an interesting debate. The Iranian ambassador says that a one state solution is the best way to solve the Middle East conflict. This means that the 3.5 million Palestinians living in the West bank and Gaza should be absorbed into Israel and they should all live happily ever after in a religiously diverse and tolerant society. This is obviously nonsense because six million Jews and four million Arabs could not possibly share the one state because ya know, they just hate each other. Most reasonable people agree that a two state solution is the only viable way forward. However Shatter's assertion that advocating a one state solution is the same as wanting Israel wiped off the map is controversial.

In all previous peace negotiations Israel has demanded that its opponents must recognise Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. This effectively means abandoning the one state argument. Because if 3.5 million Palestinians were to be allowed into Israel then it would no longer be a Jewish state. This is fair enough however it should be noted that if Alan Shatter really believes that those who want one state want Israel's destruction then he is in fact surrounded by people who want Israel to be annihilated. There are many people in Ireland among the far left who foolishly call for a one state solution. Some of them are even sitting across the floor from Alan Shatter in the labour party. In fairness to them all and I am sure Alan Shatter would agree, they are naive, not genocidal.