Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alan Shatter sticks it to the Iranian Ambassador

Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter (pictured) had a right go at the Iranian ambassador last week during a meeting of the Oireachtas foreign affairs committee in which the ambassador Ebrahim Rahimpour was invited to speak. Alan Shatter is Ireland's only Jewish member of parliament and is well known as a man who defends Israel publicly just as he did during the recent war in Gaza. This is not an easy job in Ireland and to his credit he definitely brings a bit of balance to the debate which as I always claim on Gubu World is dominated by highly opinionated, badly informed Israel bashers.

Shatter claimed that the Iranians are using the Palestinians as pawns in their efforts to dominate the region. I'll go along with that. He then claimed in response to the ambassadors long winded speech which concluded with him reaffirming Iran's belief that there should only be only government in Palestine, that the ambassadors speech confirmed that the official Iranian position is to see Israel wiped off the map. This sparks off an interesting debate. The Iranian ambassador says that a one state solution is the best way to solve the Middle East conflict. This means that the 3.5 million Palestinians living in the West bank and Gaza should be absorbed into Israel and they should all live happily ever after in a religiously diverse and tolerant society. This is obviously nonsense because six million Jews and four million Arabs could not possibly share the one state because ya know, they just hate each other. Most reasonable people agree that a two state solution is the only viable way forward. However Shatter's assertion that advocating a one state solution is the same as wanting Israel wiped off the map is controversial.

In all previous peace negotiations Israel has demanded that its opponents must recognise Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. This effectively means abandoning the one state argument. Because if 3.5 million Palestinians were to be allowed into Israel then it would no longer be a Jewish state. This is fair enough however it should be noted that if Alan Shatter really believes that those who want one state want Israel's destruction then he is in fact surrounded by people who want Israel to be annihilated. There are many people in Ireland among the far left who foolishly call for a one state solution. Some of them are even sitting across the floor from Alan Shatter in the labour party. In fairness to them all and I am sure Alan Shatter would agree, they are naive, not genocidal.


Bock the Robber said...

Damn those pesky Palestinians. Wouldn't you think they'd go away?

Ted Leddy said...

I hear ya Bock

I know you think Im too pro Israeli but if you reckon Im bad, check out some of the Israeli blogs on my blogroll. Some of them are run by fuckin mad men.