Friday, February 27, 2009

Clooney visits Irish troops

George Clooney, pictured with members of the 99th Infantry Battalion in Goz Beida, Eastern Chad earlier this week. Clooney paid an unexpected visit to Camp Ciara as a UN Messenger of Peace. Funny, don't they have a go at him in the US for never visiting American troops. Don't think they will like this. I follow many of the right wing blogs in the US and they seem to have a particular disdain for this liberal hollywood figure.


Anonymous said...

Clooney Paid a visit Ted, PAID. eoghan

Ted Leddy said...

Yeh well I say payed bro alright. Well Eoghan, we didn't beat England by 800 hundred points as I had hoped (one for every year of brutal oppression) or 13 points (one for every man gunned down by the Tans in croker) but I suppose one point will do. What does one point symbolise ?

Anonymous said...

one good old fashioned sound thrashing as they might themselves, e