Saturday, February 21, 2009


On a Friday night about a year ago I was on my way to a friends house in the Liberties for a bit of a shin dig. On arrival in the area I rang my mate to get specific directions to his place. However when I couldn't get through I was left standing on a street corner like a lost puppy. I decided to kill a bit of time until the situation resolved itself by heading for the nearest boozer and by chance I came across a little gem. It was a quaint corner pub in a quaint corner of one of my favourite parts of town.

Let me explain why I am so fond of the Liberties. The Liberties is one of the oldest parts of the city. It is a traditional working class area located in the South inner city. One can clearly see on spending a short time rambling through its busy market streets and squares that it is an area that has clung on to its working class values. It has a strong sense of community where people look after themselves, their kids and their neighbours unlike some of the newer suburbs of west Dublin where lawlessness is rampant. On this night I found myself sitting at the bar in one of the coziest and friendliest bars I have ever been in. It was called Grumpy Jacks .

Gardai outside Grumpy Jacks on Thursday morning

I sat up the bar and ordered a pint. It was not long before I forgot that I was supposed to be somewhere else and an hour an a half later I was on my fifth pint and engaged in some classic banter with the bar man and three or four local characters, salt of the earth people who clearly adhere to the values of the area I mentioned above. I could not have been more content. "I'm definitely gonna come here again" I thought as I listened to am old man tell the story of Robert Emmet's execution which took place near by. And I did, on a handful of occasions between then and now I revisited Grumpy Jacks, the best old man pub in Dublin.

So what this all about. On Wednesday night some criminal scumbag pulled up outside Grumpy Jacks on a motorbike, ran inside and shot and killed another criminal scumbag in front of petrified staff and customers. I am absolutely fucking furious that this happened. And I am equally angry at how it has gone down across the nation. I could sense people listening to the radio on Thursday morning, holding their breaths when they heard that a man had been shot but sighing with relief when they heard that it happened in the Liberties and that the victim was known to the Gardai. It looks like the murder was carried out by the INLA who were probably trying to extort money from the dead mans criminal gang.

Irish National Liberation Army, what a fucking joke. These guys are such scum, and I mean such utter and total scum that they couldn't even get into the IRA. These guys are enemies of the state who have played a serious part in the rise of organised crime in Ireland over the last decade. They have used their experience and knowledge from gun running during the troubles to import weapons into the south for criminal gangs. And that is why today Ireland's cities are seeing 20 year old's shooting at each other over 500 Euro drug debts turning wonderful areas like the liberties into high crime areas.

I don't have anything particularly sophisticated to say about this right now except I wish these mother fuckers would get the fuck out of my city. These parasites are the worst people in this country. It is the responsibility of the state to utterly crush them and the sooner the better. If we let them win life in working class Dublin will become dominated by violent crime.


Anonymous said...

scumbags. When I heard I presumed the pub was a kip, some kinda dodge boozer full of criminals. What a shame it was actually a decent pub. I reckon its out of business? or closing down? A boozer probably cannot recover from that. eoghan

Ted Leddy said...

Yeh I here you Eoghan.

Everyone I'm sure thought the same but it was actually one of the nicest pubs I've ever been to. It will now always be known for this incident. But you are right, it will probably never recover.