Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jimmy Carter... One state solution a disaster

I am looking forward to former US President Jimmy Carter's new book on the Middle East peace process entitled We can have peace in the Holy Land, A plan that will work. His latest book is a follow up to the hugely controversial 2006 bestseller, Palestine, Peace not apartheid, which I loved and which poor aul Jimmy, or Jihad Jimmy as the right wing nuts love to call him, received almost enemy status for in America. The 39th President is an expert on the Middle East. He famously brokered the 1978 Camp David accords that led to peace between Egypt and Israel. Today, the 84 year old is still at it. The gist of this book as I can gather before having actually read it is that time is dramatically running out for a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict but despite this, the time is ripe for a deal. Carter argues that the continued expansion of the Israeli state into the West Bank in the form of Jewish settlements has reached such a degree that the prospect of a Palestinian state will soon become permanently impossible. At which stage the Israelis will have to either expel the remaining Palestinians or incorporate them into Israel. As the Carlsberg Ad goes, "they're not great options" which is putting it mildly. Most Israelis realise this and that unless they want to avoid a situation where Jews become a minority in the worlds only Jewish state they are going to have to facilitate a Palestinian homeland. Since it is hitting home in Israel that a one state solutions would be a disaster for all concerned coupled with the fact that there is a new American President in office that has pledged to prioritise the peace process, 2009 could be the year that it happens. Here's hoping. I will post in further detail on the Jimmy Carter peace plan when I have eh.. well once I've read it.

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