Thursday, March 19, 2009

The difference

Martin McGuiness and Peter Robinson also met President Obama on St Patrick's day. The President rightly described the response of the people of Northern Ireland to the recent attacks by dissident republicans as "heroic". I can't help wondering how this is the real difference between Ireland and the Middle East. The Muslim masses have rarely offered any real protest to Muslim acts of terrorism. This can be reasonably interpreted as subtle support for regional and international terrorism. The new president and his special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell have their work cut out. How do you convince organisations like Hamas and Hezbollah to abandon the bomb when the people essentially support the armed struggle.

Just a little heads up. I have those God awful FE1 law society entrance exams next week. I am down to the last minute cramming, panicking waking up in a sweat stage. I don't expect to post much over the next ten days or so. I hope all you Gubu World addicts can handle it.

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