Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is feidir Linn

Certainly less cringy than Bertie and Bush.

And on the recent attacks in the North.


Anonymous said...

great vids ted

ui bhraonain said...

Here is's take on the Taoiseach's Irish lesson to Barak Obama:

Ted Leddy said...

Ui bhraonain

Thanks for the link

Bhi se an simuil ar fad.


DT said...

Quite interesting vids. Would give one hope in the midst of all the doom and gloom. Still though, Cowen on the shitter gives one even more hope and laughter.


Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Damo

I'm with you, I thought the image of Cowen squatting was a thing of beauty.

Are we gonna do the Bulgarians today ?