Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marty Stepping up

Martin McGuinness is stepping up to his responsibility as Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland to confront dissident republicans for what they are. Enemies of Ireland. McGuinness has really impressed me these last few days. He could in fact be the man of the hour who rescues us from this situation and the absurdity of those that want to re ignite the armed struggle. Watch the clip below where he calls it like it is. Note that he uses the exact same words as Michael Collins did in 1923.

As I said in my previous post. This is Irish history repeating itself. You can sum up Irish history using the following two sentences. The IRA fight the Brits, a deal is done, some refuse to accept the deal and chose to fight on. Those that do accept the deal have to eventually confront those that do not. This is a repeating pattern in Ireland since 1922. It has happened again this week. McGuinness appears to be aware of this. I am not saying there has to be a bloody republican feud but it looks like McGuinness knowing what is at stake is prepared to use his massive influence within the Republican movement to get these guys off the streets and remove the danger to us all. Fair play Marty, Fair play.


Annie said...

Hi Ted,
yeah, i was very impressed with Marty today, his words were strong and believeable....lets hope this has a speedy, favourable outcome

Ted Leddy said...

That right Annie

He really jumped down off the fence today. Fair play to him. Hopefully the last few days will prove an isolated event and things will return to normal shortly.

Anonymous said...

cant believe its the eighties all over again. Huge recession, mass emigration, and bloody murder in the north. We were told this could never happen again! I blame the crazy 80's fashion fad the swept the country a couple of years ago. And now the music's shit again too. What next? my 9th birthday? eoghan ( by the way, i love the word verification on this site. its always spelled as tho it's a real word, but its not, it means nothing. So u only need to look at it once, and can spell it straight away. as opposed to some sites, its like zcsrwf... or yifgsp. Real annoying, cos u actually have to study it. My one now for eg is "brinced"! So easy. Genius! )

Ted Leddy said...

Hey Eoghan, my time machine worked. Its the 80's alright, I'm five again and I can still beat the piss out of my nine year old brother.

But hey at least it wont be as protracted as last time. I take great comfort from the recession being global. At least we wont suffer from a brain drain. Are best and brightest are not going to leave. Where they gonna go ?

Brinced is easy to remember ya big weirdo.

Ted Leddy said...

"Our" best and brightest.

Sorry Eoghan. I know you hate it when I misspell.