Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama on Jay Leno

President Obama went on the Jay Leno show last night, the first time a sitting President has done so. What ye think of his performance? Watch out for his special Olympics joke in clip 3 around the 4:10 mark. I don't think its going to go down too well. We'll be hearing about this for a while.


Annie said...

I take on board that Obama's the biggest big shot in the world, so therefore shouldn't be coming out with that sort of thing but, i doubt anybody in the world hasn't used that line, so come on, lets not make this a worldwide issue....stupid!

coffee maker said...

Obama makes some good points about people's overblown sense of entitlement

Ted Leddy said...

I agree Annie

Sure I've been telling you for years you should enter the special Olympics.

Ted Leddy said...

Spot on coffee maker

Some of these bankers still don't seem to get why everyones so angry at them. That life in a bubble for you.